Moments with Mary

This is a daily Series of Reflections and Prayer in the Marian Month of May from Greyfriars Convent, Elgin.

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1 May: Mary's Prepared Environment
Our discipleship of Christ grows in Mary’s prepared environment. This video provides a short talk, followed by a decade of the Rosary, and the Salve Regina. The first in a daily series of reflections and prayer in the Marian month of May.

2 May: When we need her most
The earliest Marian prayer in the Church, a decade of the Rosary ending with Pope Francis’ prayer for May, and the Salve Regina.

3 May: Mary's Pondering
Mary shows us how to “treasure all these things” in our hearts, both in the Scriptures and God’s workings in our own lives.

4 May: Mary's Obscurity
The Virgin Mary shows us that God’s power is present and shines forth in what seems to us obscure.

5 May: The Feminine Genius at Cana
What Mary’s attentiveness at Cana models for us.

6 May: Behold Your Mother
Jesus’ dying wish was that his disciple take Mary as Mother.

7 May: A Grain of Wheat
You are invited to walk with Mary the way of the cross and learn: “Unless a grain of wheat fall to the ground and die, it remains a single grain, but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest.” John 12:24

Featuring a poem by Orkadian poet, George Mackay Brown.

8 May: Destined for Glory
Jesus’ love for his Mother is reflected in her Assumption, body and soul, into heaven. Her assumption is his promise to us that we shall be in heaven body and soul one day as well!

9 May: Taking Her into Your Home
How do we practically live the instruction of Jesus, “Son, behold your Mother” and take Mary into our homes as the beloved disciple did?

10 May: Our Lady of Lourdes
“She looked at me as a person looks at another person.” ~St Bernadette

11 May: The Pieta
A beautiful mediation on Michaelangelo’s famous Marian masterpiece in the Vatican.

12 May: Mary's Magnificent
Scrolling aimlessly through Facebook posts? Feeling grumpy, bored or tired? Let Mary throw you a life-line!

13 May: Calling your Mother
What is the Rosary? How do we use it? A few thoughts…

14 May: Refuge of Sinners
How can a sinless person like Mary be called a “refuge of sinners”?

15 May: Mary's Openness to God
God found rich soil for his Word in Mary. She can assist us in our receptivity to his Word too!

16 May: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Star of the New Evangelization
“Am I not here who am your Mother?” Our Lady of Guadalupe shows us how to share our faith with those we love.

17 May: Our Lady of Aberdeen - Mother of Scotland
Our Lady of Aberdeen has a deep motherly care for Scotland.

18 May: She's Just Like Her Father
The Father chose to dignify his daughter Mary by her role in the work of salvation.

19 May: Litany of Loreto
It includes many types of prayer.
Popes, saints, and sinners pray it in good times and plague times…
The Litany of Loreto!

You can access this prayer at:…/rosary/do…/litanie-lauretane_en.html

20 May: Born to be Free
Born to be free! Mary was free…but could she have said no?

21 May: Empty and Ready
Feeling a bit empty these days? Rejoice, so was Mary!

22 May: From Mary's Kitchen
Lessons from Mary’s kitchen…see what’s “cooking”!

23 May: Mary the Dawn
Wouldn’t it be awesome if every ounce of our lives pointed to Christ?

24 May: Queen of the Angels
Angels surpass humans in grace, dignity and familiarity with God…but there is one human who surpasses the angels in every way…

25 May: Friendship with Mary
Authentic friendship exists when friends share a common ground.

26 May: Full of Grace
Mary is the first to be full of grace. Her glory points to our future glory…

27 May: The Miraculous Medal
What is the back story of the Miraculous Medal? Is it a Catholic “good luck charm”? What’s its relevance during a pandemic?

28 May: Husband of Mary
Don’t forget St Joseph, the husband of Mary! He too had an important role…and still does!

29 May: Mary and the Gifts of the Spirit
Open your spiritual sails to catch the Spirit’s mighty wind!

30 May: Our Lady, Undoer of Knots
Do you have knots in your life that seem impossible to untie? Turn to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

31 May: Our Lady of the Dovecot
Wherever Our Lady went, the Holy Spirit fell on people.